[NSW] I am Setsuna

  • Title: I am Setsuna
  • Release Date: March 3, 2017
  • Physical only: Asia
  • Voices: No voices
  • Texts: English, French and Japanese
  • Current Status: IN STOCK
  • Last Availability Checking: MAR 2019
  • NOTE 1: There are also physical version for PS4 and PSVita, but there are only in Japanese. Switch version is the only one with multilangue options.
  • NOTE 2: There are two versions of this cover. One in English and one in Japanese but the game itself is the same. If you like to get the cover in English like the image showed here, contact Heavyarm, but will be more expensive. If you don't mind about this matter, we recommend you buy the game with Japanese cover in Mirror 2 or 5.

If the game is out of stock, try this mirrors:

If all of them are out of stock, report a change availabiliy status leaving a comment or contacting us.

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