[PSV] Orgarhythm

  • Title: Orgarhythm
  • Release Date: August 9, 2012
  • Physical Only: Asia
  • Voices: Japanese
  • Texts: English & Japanese
  • Current Status: IN STOCK
  • Last Availability Checking: AUG 2019

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We have personally checked the languages of this game. Don't forget to consult our present and future checks here.

This game is a Japanese version. The backcover is full in Japanese. You couldn't think this game is in other languages than Japanese. But when you start the game, shows up in English!

Ok, it's only the title screen. The menu is also in English, but let's try the gameplay itself. This is a rythym game, there is no other words than your rythym rank. Cool, good or bad.

This is not enough to proof that this game is in English. Let's try the tutorial and... Explanations are in English!

And one last check, the gallery. Is also in English.

So, yes, we can say this game is completely in English ;)