[PSV] Shovel Knight

  • Title: Shovel Knight
  • Release Date: October 2016
  • Physical Only: Fan Gamer
  • Voices: No voices
  • Texts: English
  • Current Status: OUT OF PRINT
  • Last Availability Checking: SEP 2018
  • NOTES: This game is also available for PS4, WiiU and Nintendo 3DS, but these versions were released physical worldwide.

Unofortunately, this game is out of print and Fangamer has erased the product page. At this time, your only way to get this game is going to eBay.

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We have personally checked the languages of this game. Don't forget to take a look to our present and future games here.

This time is so easy cause the game has language selector, showing English, French, German, Spanish and Italian:

But, what? You can update the game! Every DLC is included in this version, even the Specter Knight mode. The surprise comes when you the update will add Japanese language to the game:

Ok, let's see the new language selector, and another surprise! Not only Japanese (available in Kana and Kanji modes) but also Russian and Brazilian Portuguese are now available to select:

So, you know, update the game to play in your native language!