About us:

I am just a player who discovered that there is not a database of games don't released physical worldwide. Usually, this information is obtained from several sources and it’s easy to overlook that there is a physical version of a particular game. The goal of this site is to prevent that to happen to any player who, like us, loves games in physical format and doesn’t accept a digital version. We will also provide information of some games that, despite being released in physical format around the world, have interesting differences between versions, such as greater diversity of voices and text selection.

This is a chaos! How can I find my games?

Check the Quick User Guide.

What’s the meaning of these keywords?
  • TBA: To Be Announced. The release of the game is official but we still don’t know the date.
  • TBC: To Be Confirmed. Every time we post about a game, at least it will include texts in English. However, it might also include voices or texts in other languages although it’s not yet confirmed.
  • PREORDER: The game has not been released yet, but the release date is confirmed.
  • PRESOLD:  The game has not been released yet but all copies have been preordered.
  • IN STOCK: The game is available in one of the linked stores, at least.
  • OUT OF STOCK: The game is not currently available. Try again in a few days and you will surely find it.
  • OUT OF PRINT: The game is no longer available from usual stores. Go directly to eBay.
  • LAST AVAILABILITY CHECKING: This is the last time we have checked the stock. For example, if you see the last checking was on May and now is August, you should check all links because the information could be outdated. If the availability has €changed, report to us anyway (mail, post of the game, social networks...) in order to update the post as soon as possible. 
Why don't you show the availability for each store?

It's simple. That's a duty we can't afford. Availability changes too quickly. Keeping the availability status updated for each game regarding all stores is hard enough.

I already know all the stores that you link, why should I bother entering here?

Indeed, anyone who buys online nowadays will know the stores we link to. The goal is not to promote the stores, but to keep you informed about all physical versions that exist in one single place. If you don’t visit a specific site or a specific store for awhile you may miss many games. Thus, we bring to you the information on this site because we want to help all the people get the games before they go out of print.

The game is very expensive, I'm not willing to spend more than 20 bucks for it.

Usually, these kind of games are stock limited and normally go out of print within a year or even a few months after their release. The stores know this and that's why it's very rare to see deals on these titles. If the price is a problem for you, this is not your site. In that case, we recommend you to buy the digital version of the game.

What are the shipping costs of each store?

Although shipping costs depend on how many games you buy and your country, here are some estimated prices from each shop for an order with the cheapest option for international shipping:
  • PlayAsia: 5 USD with tracking number (no tracking option is not available)
  • YesAsia: Free for orders above 39 USD (no tracking)
  • Limited Run Games: 15 USD with tracking number (no tracking option is not available)
  • Special Reserve Games: 25 USD with tracking (no tracking option is not available)
  • Signature Editions: 4 GBP with tracking (no tracking option is not available)
  • Strictly Limited Games: 6.49 EUR with tracking (no tracking option is not available)
  • Super Rare Games: 5 GBP with tracking (no tracking option is not available) 
  • HeavyArm: 10 USD with tracking (no tracking option is not available)
  • Nippon Yasan: 600 JPY No tracking (NOTE: This store is the one with more shipping options)
  • Video Games Plus: 7.50 CAD No tracking
  • Mariio128: 6 USD with tracking number (no tracking option is not available)
  • BuyGame2: 7.69 USD with tracking number (no tracking option is not available)
  • Nin-Nin Games: 4.75 EUR with tracking number (no tracking option is not available)
In addition, stores often make promotions of free shipping under certain conditions, so we encourage you to check all links before making a decision.

I don’t see WiiU or Nintendo 3DS games on your site, why?

These consoles have region lock, therefore, although there are exclusive physical games in each territory, it doesn’t make sense to inform players from other territories to buy them, as they won’t be able to play them. If, in spite of everything, we receive many requests to include games of these kind of platforms, we will study add them with the proper warnings on the posts.

Why are all titles from Limited Run Games OUT OF PRINT?

Limited Run Games works differently than other stores. They are a company which produces physical versions of digital games. They make few copies that are on sale during a specific date and time. They usually get out of stock in a few minutes. Therefore, the availability status will go directly from PREORDER to OUT OF PRINT once we reach the release date. In order to prevent you from missing the game, we will warn you as soon as we get all the information. If you have missed some game from this store, we are sorry, go directly to eBay.

Limited Run Games always release their games on Fridays at the same time. Here you can see the local time for some countries:
  • 08:00 Mexico City
  • 10:00 New York
  • 11:00 Buenos Aires and BrazĂ­lia
  • 15:00 London and Lisbon
  • 16:00 Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and Germany
  • 17:00 Moscow
  • 22:00 Beijing
  • 23:00 Tokyo
Why isn’t there a direct link to HeavyArm? I love that store!

HeavyArm works in a different way than other stores. The website is meant to be for buyers from its own country. International customers can not buy through the page. However, if you send them an e-mail asking for the game you want, they will give you all the details on how to buy it and pay it through PayPal. For example, Oreshika for PSVita: The product sheet indicates a price of 129 MYR which at today's exchange rate is 29 USD. However, the price offered to international customers for that same game is 35 USD. Although the differences are not that bulky, it doesn’t seem right to link to a page where international buyers can’t buy and the real price for them is higher. If HeavyArm fixes this inconvenience in the future, we will add their links to our site.

I know a game that is not on your page, you have no fucking idea!

Of course, we are human, and something may have escaped us, mostly now that the site is taking its first steps. If you want to share the information with us and the community, contact us sending an email with all the information you have and we will proceed to release it as soon as possible.

The game I'm looking for is out of print, what can I do?

You can report an out of stock/print game in all stores by leaving a comment or sending an e-mail to iownmygames@gmail.com. Over the years, our own experience has led us to get a series of contacts which have got us games that were not available on eBay. We can try to find you the game you are looking for through our contacts. However, we want to make clear that we do not make magic, the price will be decided by the seller and we have no influence on that subject. It will be quite difficult to get it, which means that finding it is nearly impossible. All e-mails we receive with the intention of getting cheaper than what it is in stock in the links of the post or on eBay, will be directly deleted.

I want to help you or I have a question that doesn’t appear in the game post nor this FAQ, how can I contact you?

Feel free to contact us in the way that is most comfortable for you, either by mail, comment in the post, social networks... We are players just like you and we are in this to help each other. We own the vast majority of games that appear on the site, so we know what we are talking about.