Languages Information

This is an English website, but we know you are following us from all kinds of countries with different native languages. That's why we want to report about more game's languages than just English. Here, we will check the languages of that foreign releases, in order you can be sure about it before buying them.

To give truthfulness to the information, we will post each release with a real photo of the opened game, which will also be accompanied by this hand-made embroidered present of Super Sonic we received a long time ago.

The picture of the opened game will be linked to the game post itself, where you will be able to find the screenshots that confirms the actual game languages. Feel free to ask for any game you need. At this moment, we will only be able to confirm the languages of the games we personally own, which are quite many, but, in the future we will also accept requests even for games that we do not currently own, buying them only for the purpose of providing you with authentic and truthful information.

We are determined to build Own Your Game into the shrine of physical gamers, and we will.